23andMe DNA Test Review

Is 23andMe the Best DNA test?

23andMe are THE players when it comes to DNA and genetic testing. Founded in 2006, 23andMe helped to pioneer the DNA and genetic testing world. 23andMe helped to grow their brand by offering a simple DNA test, at an affordable rate that fit the needs of many people.

Two Different Tests Available

23andMe recognized one DNA test wasn't a one-size-fits-all proposition, and they offer two unique tests to fit your needs. One is ancestry only and the other is Health + Ancestry

Wellness Test Provides a Treasure Trove of Data

The 23andMe health feature add-on provides genetic testing for 65+ different medical reports. These reports range in issues from Parkinson's Disease to male bald spot.

Raw Data Made Available For Review

Find something interesting or unbelievable in your report? 23andme provides you with all of the raw, uninterpreted data. Just don't use it for diagnostic purposes!


How Much Does 23andMe Cost?

23andMe offers two tests to try and fit into anyone's budget. The test that does strictly ancestry is $99 and the Health + Ancestry test is $199, however, discount codes can be found.

What Makes 23andMe Special?

23andMe draws it's power from the brand they've been able to build. Pioneering the in-home genetic testing for the masses, 23andMe has used their brand to create a seamless customer journey, answering all of the biggest questions.


Bottom Line - Who Is 23andMe Right For?

23andMe is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple, clean, experience. Their genetic and ancestry reporting is clear and direct. Helping to make the process straightforward for just about anyone.

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