Ancestry DNA Test Review

Ancestry DNA Test Review

Ancestry DNA ties the power of's family trees to bring your family story alive through your DNA.

Largest DNA Network

Ancestry DNA has over 6 million people who have used their site for DNA testing, giving them the largest network of the major DNA sites.

5x More Regions Than Competitors

AncestryDNA traces your DNA back to over 150 ethnic regions, giving you greater detail than other DNA tests

Learn Migration Stories

Ancestry DNA your genetic results and crosses them back to over 190 migration stories to help determine when your family tree made it to America, and how they migrated over time.


How Much Does Ancestry DNA Cost?

Ancestry DNA lists for $99 for the standard DNA test. They currently offer only one test.

What Makes Ancestry DNA Special?

Ancestry DNA shines by giving you greater detail on your family tree than other sites. Other sites limit your DNA to certain large regions (like all of western Europe.) Ancestry DNA offers a far greater degree of detail than anyone else on the market.


Bottom Line - Who Is Ancestry DNA Right For?

Ancestry DNA is great for those who need more detail in their DNA results. What Ancestry DNA lacks in health reporting, they make up for in detail family tree.

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