MyHeritage DNA Test Review

Is Myheritage the Best DNA test?

For those looking into lineage, MyHeritage is a great resource to consider. MyHeritage has a vast network of DNA resorts, and they can take your results, securely add it to their library, and people who match your DNA from across the world.

Want To Find A Long Lost Cousin?

MyHeritage uses their extensive database to compare your DNA results to others, finding matches and showing you relations you never knew existed!

Looking For An Extensive Network

MyHeritgage trumpets having 93 million users worldwide, over 2.7 billion people in family trees and 42 languages.

Great Discount Pricing

MyHeritage's list price is $99, however, they have competitive discounting. This makes MyHeritage a great buy for those on a budget


How Much Does MyHeritage Cost?

MyHeritage lists for $99, which is in-line with many other DNA test companies. It is possible to find this price discounted, directly on their site.

What Makes MyHeritage Special?

MyHeritage's biggest value is what they offer in regards to genetic matching. Many services will show you where your family came from, but MyHeritage will show you who else is in your family tree.


Bottom Line - Who Is MyHeritage Right For?

MyHeritage is great for the ultimate genealogist. If you want to bring your family tree to life, and meet your long lost family, MyHeritage is the answer.

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