Vitagene DNA Test Review

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Vitagene brings their own unique play on the typical genetic test. Besides the typical ancestry results that most DNA test's offer, Vitagene offers a new level of health knowledge you didn't realize could be discovered from a DNA test!

Want The Most Out Of Your Workout?

Vitagene supplies you with a unique exercise program based on your long-term workout goals and your genetic results.

Curious About What Supplements Are Best?

Vitagene will teach you exactly what vitamins and minerals your body needs, all from your DNA results.

More Than Just Food Allergies

Some tests will give you results if you're lactose intolerant. Vitagene will share a diet regimen, unique to you and your DNA.


How Much Does Vitagene Cost?

Vitagene lists for $149, which is a bit more than other genetic tests we've reviewed. If you've done a DNA tests, and interested in the health aspects, that is only $49.

What Makes Vitagene Special?

As we discussed above, the Vitagene DNA test really shines when it comes to tying your genetics back to your current health. Other tests offer health results, however, none to the same degree as Vitagene.


Bottom Line - Who Is Vitagene Right For?

If budget isn't a problem (Vitagene has one of the higher list prices, though they sometimes do run discounted offers), and you want to get the most out of your current health from a DNA test, Vitagene is right for you.

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