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23andMe – The Best DNA Test For Genealogy And Health

Having financial support from the U.S. National Institutes of Health for the researches and developing, 23andMe can be called one of the most reliable DNA testing services. This company provides the customers with the complete genealogy trees and gives them the full understanding of their health condition after detailed analysis of their DNA.

If you are ready to learn more about yourself, their team of professionals will help you to do this for a reasonable price. If you want to check the quality of this company’s services before ordering their kits, our 23andMe DNA test review will answer all the question that you may have as a potential customer of this company.

Why you can trust 23andMe

  • Numerous grants from the USA National Institutes of Health
  • Research publications in scientific journals
  • A lot of collaborations with the universities, such as Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Stanford University, and other industries
  • A special unit of professionals, formed in 2015 – this unit tries to discover new ways to solve human problems through genetics
  • Non-profitable collaborations with Lupus Research Institute, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, National Parkinson Foundation
  • Work with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Biogen, Genentech, and so on

The world’s brightest minds have chosen to trust and collaborate with 23andMe. That is why you can choose this company to get full info about your DNA and rely on their services.

What type of DNA tests does 23andMe offer?

While the other companies do the DNA tests either to solve the health troubles or to research the ancestry, 23andMe can help with both issues. The team of this company understands that the health state is connected not only with the present, but with the past also – and the past has the large pack of stock in this deal.

23andMe offers two kits with DNA analysis: Ancestry and Health+Ancestry. You may choose either to learn everything about your body or just reveal the names of your predecessors.

Option 1. 23andMe’s Ancestry kit

23andMe may answer such questions:

Where did you come from? Your ancestors from all over the world will be shown in the report that you will get after the successful analysis. You will be able to see the regions where your predecessors lived long ago (up to 500 years!) and even travel across those regions. Moreover, you may find out that a lot of your genetic relatives live close to you – or far from you – and message to them or even have a meeting with them.

What are your maternal and paternal genetic lines? 23andMe carefully studies both of the lines of your parents and provides any customer with a detailed genealogy tree with names. Women, unfortunately, can get the information only about their maternal lines. Women do not inherit Y-chromosome that allows the researchers to trace the paternal haplo group. Luckily, a woman may ask her father or brother to take a DNA test and learn what her paternal lines are from his test.

What are your relatives among the 23andMe customers? The results of your personal DNA test will be completely anonymous, but you will be able to see how many “DNA relatives” with similar genes you have! The relatives may be among the 23andMe customers. However, you will get only a diagram with the numbers of sisters or brothers. The company keeps the names of the customers safe, and your own name will never appear in someone’s report.

Do you have the Neanderthal genes? Some of us have the Neanderthal genes. With a 23andMe DNA test, you may understand your body better, as far as such genes may influence your traits to a certain degree.

Additionally, your parents may take part in the research by giving their genetic material (saliva) for you to get a more comprehensive picture. The cost of such a kit is $99.

Option 2. 23andMe’s Health+Ancestry kit

An analysis of your DNA may open a lot of information about you.

Having only your saliva sample, 23andMe may tell everything about your ancestry and the following data:

Genetic vulnerabilities to diseases. There is Celiac Disease, Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease and others that may affect you with the time. You can prevent them or at least be ready to fight against them if you have enough knowledge about their presence in your genes.

Traits. Your predecessors might influence not only your appearance but also your taste, smell, and so on.


Carrier status. This is one of the most important parts of the DNA analysis that signifies about the diseases that you inherited from your ancestors. Your children may inherit those diseases from you.

Being a “carrier” means you “carry” one genetic variant for a condition. Carriers do not typically have the genetic condition, but they can pass a genetic variant down to their children. If both parents are carriers, there is a 25% chance their child will have the condition. With such a test, you will be aware of possible problems with the conception or during pregnancy and assess the likelihood of having a child with hereditary diseases. You will be able to make the informed choices.

Wellness. You may learn how your DNA influences your everyday choices and your wellbeing. 23andMe may help you understand why you have such weight, why do you sleep so good or bad, etc. The cost of this kit is $199.

How to order a DNA test from 23andMe?

Firstly, visit the 23andMe’s website. You will find both kits on the homepage – they are described in details so you will be able to get all the needed information before choosing and buying.

After that, you should make just such steps to start discovering your genetics:

  1. Choose the best DNA kit for you and pay for it (the shipping payment calculates when you enter your address). Shipping information may be found on the company’s website
  2. Get the saliva collection kit, and follow the instructions concerning spitting in the saliva tube
  3. Register your kit on the 23andMe website with the barcode that is on the plastic tube – this will help the lab to see that this is your genetic material. Send it back to the 23andMe laboratory
  4. Receive the results within six or eight weeks

What does a 23andMe’s saliva collection kit contain?

Both DNA kits have the same saliva collection boxes. Such a box includes:

  • Saliva collection tube
  • A special container for the tube
  • Step-by-step instruction

23andMe DNA test results

After research, you will get an email with the notification that your DNA test is ready. Then you should go to the 23andMe website and sign in. As we speak, you should have registered your kit, and you should enter the same information to get your analysis. If your relatives have taken the 23andMe DNA test, you may either allow them to see your genetic information or prevent them from it.

The company will provide you with the results of your saliva analysis in the form of a clear, comprehensible, and logically structured DNA test report. The report may be either about your ancestors from all over the world, or ancestry plus the complete info about your health condition. The results will be presented in an interactive PDF format.

If you choose a 23andMe DNA Health+Ancestry kit, you will get even more than you pay for. Any report contains the description of diseases that your DNA was checked for and the typical symptoms of those diseases.

23andMe – Data Protection

You can be sure that all of your data will be kept safe. Your registration information will be kept separately from the barcode with your saliva sample. No one will identify you, but the 23andMe laboratory’s workers. Your personal data and genetic materials will be connected only by an ID that is assigned by random.

Additionally, even the 23andMe team will see your data as a set of data points. In other words, your de-identified analysis and other data will be kept in parts and be connected by the mentioned ID to check it if needed.

23andMe Review – Conclusions

  • Big data base. This base includes East Asia, America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe and it continues to grow (1000+ regions now).
  • Reliability. Several grants, a lot of collaborations with the famous universities and talented people.
  • Affordable Ancestry kit ($99).
  • Total security.
  • Interactive reports.
  • Possibility to see the DNA tests of the relatives if they allow you to do this.
  • You can download the raw data of your DNA analysis.
  • Health+Ancestry kit is quite expensive ($199).
  • There is no possibility to order only a Health kit.
  • No shipping is available to some of the European countries.
  • Health kit says nothing about the future of your health – only the present condition.

In this 23andMe DNA testing review we have considered if it is the best service to order a DNA test from. You make the final choice if it is the company you want to trust on.

Yet, to have a personal DNA analysis from a reliable company is undeniably advantageous when it comes to health, both mental and physical.


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