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The Guide That You Needed: Ancestry DNA Reviews

Some people suppose that Ancestry DNA is the best DNA test company in the world. Well, it has plenty of customers, and their number is growing rapidly for a reason. Maybe, it is the quality of their DNA testing makes it so popular? Or, maybe, it happens because of their impressive Customer Service? Some of the Ancestry DNA test reviews cannot answer these questions, so we decided to clarify this topic once and for all.

AncestryDNA review

Before joining the crowd of the AncestryDNA customers, ask yourself how good the Ancestry DNA test is? Are the prices good for you?

Today you will get all the answers – one of the best Ancestry DNA reviews is waiting for you below.

What services does AncestryDNA provide?

The company named Ancestry has been helping people to reveal their history since 1997. In the very beginning, Ancestry provided people only with the Family Tree service. This service has attracted millions of people, who struggled from the desire to find out their family.

But, in 2012 there was introduced AncestryDNA service that could analyze the genetic material. It was a huge step forward that made the company worldwide famous. Their Family Tree service has helped to gather millions of profiles and those millions have learned about the new DNA testing and wanted to take it. Good Family Tree service worked like perfect advertising, and Ancestry DNA reviews started to rate this company as one of the best DNA test services in the world.

AncestryDNA offers only the two above mentioned services: Family Tree and DNA testing. This company does only atDNA test.

All the people can take an atDNA test. This type of DNA testing uses only 22 chromosomes to find out the ancestry. atDNA can say everything about two or three generations back, and a bit less information about the fourth and fifth generations. The more the research goes back, the less precise data you will get. It is the main disadvantage of such testing, but there are pros too. If you are not going to spend a lot of money or want only to decide whether you need deeper research or not, atDNA will be the perfect choice.

AncestryDNA does not offer:

  1. Y-DNA and mtDNA testing.
  2. Health tests and diet recommendations.
  3. Tribal allegiance.

Recently they launched the Traits service. It can tell you everything about your appearance details and where did they come from. And, you can compare your results with the results of your close relatives, if they take a test.

The iconic Ancestry DNA Family Tree service

The Ancestry DNA testing reviews usually have nothing negative about this service, and this is not a surprise. We call this service “iconic” because it is legendary already. This is a good example of how a well-optimized engine and well-structured database can create miracles.

The service itself consists of billions of profiles that were created by people from
all over the world. You can join that genetic community by creating your profile and fill in your family tree. Fill in as more information and family members, as you can. The more data you provide, the better the AncestryDNA engine will work. It will help you to fill in the gaps in your family tree because it will have the info to work with. The principle is simple: if you do not have something to go on with, you cannot go.

How AncestryDNA works

All that you should do is “to provide the food for thought” for the engine.

Additionally, the design of family trees by AncestryDNA looks stunning. It is understandable, clear, and made in green colors. Each member will be presented as a leaf of your tree. A classy decision, isn’t it?

Ancestry DNA test review: kit and what you should do with it

Only one kit is available on the AncestryDNA website, and it provides the atDNA test. Once your test is done, you will get a notification via email, and you will see your report. The report will contain:

  1. Pie chart with your ethnic origin in percentage.
  2. Locations of your relatives, sometimes down to cities.
  3. Historical background of your ethnic group or groups.
  4. How and why your ancestors moved.
  5. DNA matches to the distant relatives, who are already in AncestryDNA database.

You can purchase the Traits test in addition to the ancestry test. Such test will add the explanations about your:

  1. Eye color;
  2. Freckles;
  3. Sweet, savory, and bitter sensitivity;
  4. Hair type, color, and thickness;
  5. Earlobe shape and earwax type;
  6. Iris pattern, etc.

A separate Traits test is not available.

How to gather and mail your sample for Ancestry DNA?

Your kit will contain such things for you to collect your genetic sample:

  1. Instructions how to use the kit;
  2. A tube for saliva collection;
  3. A prepaid return bag.

You should follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you did not eat, drink, chew gum, or smoke for thirty minutes.
  • Fill the tube with saliva to the marked line;
  • Add the blue stabilizing fluid to the saliva and shake the tube for several seconds;
  • Put the tube in the collection bag;
  • Send the sample via post;
  • Check your personal AncestryDNA page for updates.

There is even a video instruction of how you can collect your genetic material.

Ancestry DNA cost review

The Ancestry kit cost is $99. The Traits test cost is $10, but you can order only a kit for revealing ancestors or the duo. The prices do not include taxes and shipping!

You can try the Family Tree service for free – the company gives 14 days trial. But, for a prolonged use you should purchase one of the subscription plans:

  1. U.S. Discovery. You will be able to explore all the US historical records. Monthly membership: $19.99, 6-month membership: $99.
  2. World Explorer. The US and all the international records that AncestryDNA has will be opened to you. Monthly membership: $34.99, 6-month membership: $149.
  3. All Access. All the above mentioned + the subscription to and

Ancestry DNA review – Privacy Policy

The company keeps all the genetic samples without names or any other personal information. The only thing that connects your saliva sample and your profile is a randomly generated ID. You can download the raw data, close your profile, and delete all the results at any moment. If you do not authorize sharing your data, they will never be shared to the third parties. And, even if you want the lab workers to destroy your genetic material, they will destroy it.

Ancestry DNA testing review: pros and cons

  • The largest database in the world
  • Affordable prices ($99 for Ancestry test and $10 for Traits test)
  • Well-designed Family Tree service
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Huge blog with the articles for all the questions on DNA and DNA tests
  • atDNA test only
  • No Health analysis
  • A subscription plan is needed for a prolonged use of Family Tree service
  • Ancestry DNA test accuracy is not high – atDNA cannot give completely precise data about ancestors.


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