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MyHeritage DNA Review: One Of The Best Genetic Testing Services

DNA testing industry is developing rapidly, extending opportunities to know more about our origin, ethnicity, and find relatives within the country and abroad. The only question is which company to choose, and this is the case when in-depth MyHeritage DNA test review can be really helpful.

MyHeritage is one of the best services for searching relatives outside the United States. This, however, does not mean that everyone who wants to get insight into his or her origin should choose this company without hesitation. It has its pros and cons, and My Heritage pricing is another essential aspect that should be considered before choosing this provider.

This MyHeritage DNA test review has the purpose of analyzing all information about the company and helping you to find out if it is what you are looking for.

What kind of services does MyHeritage DNA testing company provide?

The company provides a whole range of services that includes:

  • Finding relatives in the US and other countries including the long-lost ones
  • Finding your ethnic regions
  • Identifying main ethnic groups
  • Uploading raw DNA data
  • Discovering new interesting historical facts about your ethnicities

Let us take a closer look at these services.

DNA Testing

From different types of DNA tests, the company does an autosomal one. It allows examining the autosomes to find relatives within 7 generations. Still, such kind of test has its cons: although they are almost 100% accurate when it comes to 1st and 2nd cousins, the results lose their accuracy when it comes to more distant relatives.

In general, the company’s database (currently around 2 million people) allows getting quite accurate results that show genetic origins. However, you should not expect that MyHeritage’s results will be as accurate as the results provided by the other company with a database with more than 8 million. Though it can be considered a con, MyHeritage also has an advantage: its database outside the US is much bigger, so this service is perfect if you want to know more about your national background.

Moreover, cost of MyHeritage services is lower than average market prices. It is up to you to decide if this compensates the con.

Your DNA test offers you the powerful experience of discovering what makes you unique and learning where you really come from. MyHeritage DNA is proud to be enhancing the lives of users all around the world.

DNA Match

DNA test allows finding close and distant relatives. Of course, the number of distant relatives is much bigger than the number of members of the close and extended family.

By checking the result section, you can see the percentages of DNA you share with a particular potential family member and also the list of surnames of this person’s ancestors. If you know some basic information about your relatives and their roots, this will also help you understand whether you two have anything in common.

Family-Tree Service

MyHeritage’s Family Tree service is rightfully considered to be one of the best ones in the industry. It has the same function to clearly show the relatives and find matches with other clients’ family trees. This feature is perfect for determining genetic sequences and family relationship.

The number of family members will depend on which subscription you will choose. Free subscription allows seeing up to 250 family members. Price subscriptions, in turn, provide you with an opportunity to see bigger or even infinite number of your close and distant relatives.

How does MyHeritage collect DNA samples?

Unlike many other companies specializing in providing DNA testing and family tree services, MyHeritage does not collect the client’s saliva. It offers more elegant solution that is to send the kit which includes:

  1. 1 plastic bag
  2. Clear instructions
  3. 2 cheek swabs
  4. 2 vials with DNA preserving liquid
  5. 1 envelope
  6. Activation code (keep it until your results are ready, this code is necessary to see them in your personal account)

One of the advantages of such a way of DNA collection is that you can drink and eat within half an hour of taking the test. Saliva tests do not allow that.

As for the packaging itself, it looks very nice and is fully effective. All items are kept separated and are easy to use.

How to use MyHeritage DNA kit?

You need to take a few simple steps to do your DNA test:

  • Register the test on the company’s website
  • Make sure that you haven’t drunk or eaten anything for half an hour
  • Swab each of your cheeks for at least 30 seconds
  • Put the swaps in the vials and close them tightly
  • Put the vials in the plastic bag
  • Send the return envelope to the laboratory in Houston, Texas
  • Receive an email that confirms that your DNA test is ready
  • Enter the activation code from the kit to see your results

How long does it take to get the result from MyHeritage’s DNA laboratory?

The clients need to wait approximately 4 weeks after the lab receives the samples to know their results. It should be emphasized that most of MyHeritage competitors do not work so fast: it usually takes from 6 to 10 weeks to get the results from the labs owned by Ancestry DNA, 23andMe, LigingDNA and other companies that work in this area.

Another great feature is that every client can track his or her samples at every stage of the process. Even though it usually takes a month to get the results, you feel like there is always progress. After the work is complete, you get an email from the company and can check the results on the website.

What is the cost of MyHeritage DNA test?

The price for MyHeritage DNA test is lower than any offer of its competitors. The full retail price is $79, but the company has various promotions and sales. For instance, currently the price is $69, and there were the periods when it has dropped to $59.

The competitors working in this area offer higher prices for their services, and the difference is significant – it is around $20 or more. However, the clients of MyHeritage need to pay for postage (the price reaches $12 max).

My Heritage Pricing: Subscription Plans

The company offers 5 different annual subscription plans to choose from:

  • Basic (free): up to 250 people
  • Premium ($10.75/month): up to 2,500 people, priority support, smart matches, and additional DNA features included
  • Premium Plus ($17.42/month): unlimited number of people, priority support, smart matches, additional DNA features, discoveries, tree compatibility checker included
  • Data ($15.75/month): up to 250 people, priority support, advanced historical records, opportunity to save records included
  • Complete ($25/month): unlimited number of people and all additional features included

Consequently, you can use family tree software for free or use additional features by paying for one of the 1-year subscriptions. There are also MyHeritage discounts the company offers to the clients who use their service for more than one year.

Privacy policy: Is MyHeritage a safe site?

According to MyHeritage, the privacy of the clients is one of its top priorities. It should be emphasized that the company has no history of any privacy concerns and is considered to be one of the most reliable DNA collection services.

What steps does the company take to ensure that the clients’ privacy is fully protected?

  • The company uses multi-layered encryption
  • It is certified by the FDA that allows MyHeritage handle DNA information
  • MyHeritage never shares any information you provide with other companies or any other third parties except for the official partners that are directly involved in providing the service or that participate in scientific research. They, in turn, get only part of the information that is necessary to undertake the particular analysis and have no right to share it with any private or legal entities
  • If you do not want your data to be used in any researches, you can untick the boxes to opt-out
  • Laboratory also has no access to your name or any other personal information. The only data they use is the ID number on the kit they send. This code is linked to your account on the site
  • Part of your result and information in the profile can be shared to provide you with the opportunity to find the relatives
  • Nevertheless, you can use or not use this option. When you refuse from sharing your results with others, no one else is able to see them. To do this visit My Privacy and Account Settings sections


My Heritage DNA Test Review: Conclusions

  • Affordable test kit (from $59) with easy-to-use cheek swabs and other necessary items
  • Free family tree software is available for every registered user
  • Quick DNA test results in only 3-4 weeks compared to 6-10 weeks from other companies
  • One of the best support team that works 24/7
  • Users can upload raw DNA data including data from other DNA test providers (most of the other companies still do not allow this)
  • The service provides the clients with interesting historical information on different ethnic groups lived
  • The company does not provide any health-related information
  • One of the smallest databases: more than 1 million compared to 8-10 million of other DNA test providers
  • There are no DNA and mtDNA tests
  • Results can be too broad compared to other companies’ results
  • There are gaps in ancestry map, and that negatively affects the accuracy

To sum up, MyHeritage is a good service to know more about your ancestors, ethnic origin, the number of matches, and of course, to find the relatives.

Its biggest disadvantage is in its database that is much smaller than the databases of older companies, but it still provides an opportunity to get an interesting insight into your ethnic origin. One of its most important pros is the cost of My Heritage services. Moreover, the MyHeritage is legit, reliable platform to use.


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