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Discovering the details about your body and genealogy has never been easier than now. Thanks to the DNA testing you can find out all the peculiarities of your health and receive new information on who you are related to. This knowledge has already proved to improve the lives of many people around the globe. No matter if you choose autosomal, mitochondrial or an X/Y chromosomal DNA test, you get the impressive results. Today there are at-home DNA test kits for easy use.

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23andMe DNA

A reliable DNA testing service providing two main kits: Ancestry and Health+Ancestry. With their help you can discover your origins and study your genetic vulnerabilities to diseases. Get the info about your genes right now with 23andMe.

MyHeritage DNA

Find out your relatives all around the world and discover the ethnic origins with MyHeritage. This DNA test service offers the autosomal test to reveal your family in 7 generations. Buy a DNA kit for a lover price and learn yourself better with MyHeritage.

Vitagene DNA

The main focus of Vitagene’s service is providing the info on one’s general health state. Here you can figure out what problems are inherited or what risks you hold regarding different types of diseases. Each DNA test result is unique, clear and useful for a client.

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