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LivingDNA Review – All That You Wanted To Know

Did you know that one cell hides almost all the information about you?

That cell is called DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid. It will be correct to say that DNA is the chain of amino acids that are the carriers of your past and present. How can you learn the past and present? The best DNA test companies provide anyone with complete DNA analysis. What company to choose if you want to reveal all your relatives, both close and distant ones?

Today we want to discuss the services of LivingDNA. This testing company is worldwide famous, and a lot of people think that it offers the best DNA ancestry tests. But, it is true?

LivingDNA test review

Living DNA company can boast of the crowd of satisfied customers. But, it does not explain whether you can or should join that crowd. The company has its advantages and disadvantages. You should know them to choose the best-rated DNA test. This Living DNA review is aimed at clearing up everything about this service.

What can Living DNA offer to a customer?

LivingDNA company offers only DNA ancestry tests. Their laboratory performs incredibly: their reports are ones of the most detailed among the reports of other companies.

But, this is the only service that LivingDNA provides. Luckily, this company has the whole range of the DNA ancestry tests:

  1. atDNA tests. This analysis touches only 22 chromosomes, so it can be used for both, men and women, who want to learn their family history. The history may be traced till the 4-5th generation maximum.
  2. mtDNA test. This test allows tracing the family members in the maternal line. This testing can be offered to both genders, male and female because both have X-chromosome #23. This chromosome is taken for the analysis.
  3. Y-DNA tests. This type of testing allows revealing the relatives in paternal line. Only men can take this test because they have Y-chromosome #23 inherited from their fathers. Women can reveal their paternal lines with the help of their male family members, who can pass the test and share the results with them.

How Living DNA works

Additionally, LivingDNA offers the Family Tree service, we will discuss it later, and you can download the raw DNA data.

This company does not provide:

  1. Information about belonging to the tribes.
  2. Paternity tests.
  3. Health tests.

LivingDNA test: how does it work?

Let’s consider the services in details.

Is atDNA test by LivingDNA good for you? Yes, if you want to see your ancestry within 4-5 generations and get a pretty detailed report with your ancestry map. But, remember that information about generations will be less accurate with each step back in the past.

LivingDNA database has approximately 80 regions. This fact makes this database to be one of the biggest in the world. So, their reports will be accurate enough. If talking about the British ancestry, LivingDNA is still the winner: it is famous with the complete British ancestry reports. 21 British regions of their database can give a lot of info.

Is mtDNA and Y-DNA test by LivingDNA suitable for you? Yes, if you want to know what is your past and get the info from 80 regions. Additionally, you will get family matches, automatically made family tree, and a colorful coverage map with the origin in percents.

Living DNA ancestry kits

You can order only one kit. Living DNA ancestry test includes all the above-mentioned tests in a bundle. It may be rather good new for some people, than a bad one. You do not have to choose among a variety of tests and make just one click on the LivingDNA website. Additionally, you cannot order a separate atDNA, Y-DNA or mtDNA tests, only a bundle.

LivingDNA test: matches

Living DNA company can find your distant relatives. Your family will expand – you will see all your relatives from all over the world. Some of them might already be in the LivingDNA database, and you will see their profiles.

LivivngDNA interface

Additionally, you will be able to send a message to some of your matches – if they are in the database. After getting the results, you may also get such messages from your matches, as they will see you in their reports. You can close your profile if you do not want to appear in someone’s report or receive messages.

Family Tree service

You can choose the look of your report on your personal account. It can be in the form of a list or a tree.

LivingDNA family tree

The website itself does not allow you to create your family tree by your own hands, but their engine will do everything for you. Your report will contain all the relatives with names and surnames. If there is no information about a particular relative, there will be a blank square.

If your close relatives take a DNA test, they will appear in your tree, if they allowed anyone or you, in particular, to see their results.

What type of DNA collecting does Living DNA use?

LivingDNA test requires a mouth swab. It is a good variant because it is more aesthetic and convenient than an ordinary saliva sample. Mouth swab is suitable for people, who cannot fill a saliva container for a reason – some companies ask for a saliva sample. So, even a baby can take the DNA test, and this is stunning, isn’t it?

The Living DNA ancestry kit contains:

  • A package with Living DNA mouth swab;
  • Silver return bag with the barcode;
  • Prepaid return bag.

How can you collect your genetic material for Living DNA test?

You should follow these steps:

    1. Do not smoke or eat for an hour.
    2. Take swab out of box.
    3. Open clear packaging.
    4. Pop off the lid.
    5. Swab the inner cheek of your mouth by rotating it for 45-60 seconds.
    6. Click the lid back on securely.
    7. Peel of the barcode from silver return bag.
    8. Stick the barcode onto the lid of the swab.
    9. Put the swab into the silver return bag.
    10. Place the silver bag into the prepaid return package provided.
    11. Return the sample by post.
      1. You will get an email notification, once your results are ready. Enter the barcode from the kit to see the report.

If you still have the questions concerning the collecting process, the company has clear video instruction.

Living DNA review – Prices

LivingDNA offers ones of the most pricey DNA tests. But, let’s consider, whether they are pricey or only seem to be.

Types of bundles

On Living DNA website you can order two bundles:

        1. DNA Kit that contains digital and printable results of atDNA, Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. The cost of this kit is $149, including shipping.
        2. Kit that contains the above mentioned and personalized book with the complete ancestry. The price is $218 including shipping.

So, you get the three tests in one. mtDNA and Y-DNA tests are quite pricey, and the other services offer the separate tests for the high prices. For example, FamilyTree DNA company offers mtDNA test for $199. Thus, these prices are quite affordable compared to the other DNA testing services.

The Living DNA results will come to you within six to eight weeks.

Privacy Policy of Living DNA

Living DNA offers all the methods of protecting your data. It uses multi-layered encryption and assures that no private or legal entities will see your personal information. But, a bit of your personal information will be shared only to give you the possibility to see the family tree.

It is only your choice to share your results or not.

When you ask us to create the link for you so that your results can be shared, the results are not automatically released in to the public domain.If you authorized sharing of your results and would like to stop this sharing, you can click the “Stop sharing” button on the “My Public Results” page.

The laboratory cannot see your personal information – they deal only with your genetic material and the ID that is on your cheek swab tube.

Living DNA review: verdict

  • Reasonable price for the standard kit ($149)
  • Well-designed interactive reports
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Users can download raw DNA data
  • No ethnic origin analysis
  • High cost of the full ancestry kit with a personalized book ($218)
  • You have to wait for results for 6 to 8 weeks
  • No possibility to upload the raw DNA data


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