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DNA Test Reviews

Shopping for the best DNA test is a complicated and confusing process. There are so many options available, each offers their own special features, making comparing DNA tests a challenge. Because of this, it’s no wonder people struggle when selecting a DNA test.

This is why we started the DNA Test Reviewer. DNA tests are a safe and simple way to learn about your family history, genealogy and discover unknown markers in your medical history. Knowing that not all DNA tests are created equal, this site will dig deep in and review the best DNA tests available, and help you to make an educated decision about what works best for you.

We’ll be reviewing DNA tests on accuracy, price, ease of use, and what features are available that other companies are not offering. Our DNA test reviews will be through and you’ll leave our site knowing the best DNA test for your personal needs.

Note: This site serves as an affiliate partner with select DNA Test companies. I may receive compensation for some products purchased through my links, at no cost to you.

What’s The Best DNA Test For You?

23andMeMyHeritage DNAAncestry DNAVitageneLiving DNA
List Price$99 Ancestry Test$99 MyHeritage Test$99 Ancestry DNA$149$159
Access To Raw DataYesYesYesYesYes
How Is The DNA Collected?SalivaCheek SwabSalivaCheek SwabCheek Swab
What Makes The DNA Test Special?Special DNA traints that explain physical apperanceOver 93 million users, world-wide5x Genetic Regions Compared to Peer SetBest-In-Class Nutritional ReportsTraces maternal and paternal genetics, separately
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23andMe – Learn everything

23andMe is a company that provides the customers with the complete genetic-based genealogy reports. The company has several grants from the National Institutes of Health, numerous collabs with the Ivy League Universities and their medical units. The publications of their specialists can be found in scientific magazines, such as Nature Genetics or British Medical Journal.

This service claims to become the best DNA test provider, not only because of their successful contributions to DNA researches. Yet, their high-quality customer support and clear DNA reports help them much better.


  • Big database. 1000+ regions and 5+ million people
  • Good scientific base: grants, collaborations with the famous universities and
    support from medical centers
  • Affordable DNA ancestry test ($99)
  • High level of data security
  • Detailed and interactive reports
  • Complete explanations on kits’ content, order proceeding, and getting the


  • Pricey Ancestry+Health kit ($199)
  • Only a Health kit is not available
  • There is no shipping to some of the European countries
  • Health DNA kit provides the information only about the present health condition – no projections or consultations

MyHeritage DNA – Great tests for reasonable prices

MyHeritage is famous all over the world. 96 million satisfied customers from 196 countries suppose that this service is the best one to order a DNA kit from.

The cost of the MyHeritage services is the biggest advantage of this DNA testing company. You can get the possibility to reveal your ethnicity for the lowest price in the market. Moreover, you will see a detailed report with all the moving of the ancestors described, and even a bit of historical overview about them.

Additionally, there is a free Family Tree service that allows anyone get a genealogy picture within several minutes. If you want to find your relatives within the US and outside this country, MyHeritage would become the perfect choice for you.


  • Reasonable price of kits (usually $79 but on sales – $59).
  • Good support team.
  • Reports contain detailed info about the revealed ethnic groups and their migration.
  • Family Tree service (a customer gets a 14-days free trial).
  • It is possible to upload the RAW DNA data.


  • No health DNA tests.
  • No yDNA and mtDNA tests.
  • Gaps in ancestry map (may affect the accuracy of the tests’ results).

Ancestry DNA Test

Ancestry is one of the most famous DNA heritage test services in the world. It has been providing the best DNA heritage tests since 1997, and their website has got more than 10 million of satisfied customers. Additionally, they have 20 billion of historical records that help the registered users to build their family trees.

The company allows all the customers to know more about themselves through the research of their ethnicity. 350 regions, including cities, help the Ancestry team to grant the customers the complete historical info. That informations includes their ethnic groups and their migration all around the world.


  • Frequent sales
  • Attentive and professional 24/7 support team
  • A lot of information about different ethnic groups in DNA reports
  • A highly detailed Family Tree service with a free trial (14 days)


  • A user should buy a subscription plan to use the full spectrum of the company’s services
  • The health DNA tests are not provided
  • Ethnicity test is expensive ($99)

Vitagene – Improves lives through DNA testing

Vitagene is the perfect choice for those, who are looking for a deep insight into their
health state and the ways to improve it. The positive life changes are possible with their DNA tests that reveal every single detail that influences your body. Having the results of the Vitagene’s test, you will be able to change your lifestyle and nutrition taking into account your genetic predispositions.

The company supposes that any human is unique. That is why this is important to
provide a unique person with a unique treatment. Your body will love the new effective diets and plans for exercises.

Lineage tests are available too, but only as an addition to the health testing.


  • The team of experts from Stanford,Carnegie Mellon, Netflix, and so on
  • Average prices for a kit (from $79)
  • Deep, science-based information about a customer’s health
  • Personal optimal diet and exercise plan
  • Three different products available


  • The company does not provide the information only about ethnic origin or ancestry
  • No free Customer Support contact numbers

Living DNA test – Honesty and professionalism

This company is a newcomer in the testing field, but it already famous for its active participation in the genome research development. The Living DNA team always visits the biggest genome study conferences. Their high interest to the researches and the experienced heads make Living DNA one of the best DNA heritage test companies.

This service waits for everyone, who wants to know more about the history of his/her family. Those, who choose to trust your genetic material to Living DNA, may get even a personalized book with their historical background.


  • There are sales on kits
  • Service provides the customers with the reports about ancestors going back up to 10 generations
  • It is possible to delete all the data whenever you want
  • Beautiful and detailed ancestry book (optional)
  • Company gives the information for sub-regional groups (like Cornwall or East Anglia)


  • Pricey DNA kit (standard cost – from $149)
  • You should wait for the results for 6-8 weeks
  • The number of regions that the company has in their historical records is smaller than in the other companies. Only 80 regions compared to 200+ regions in other similar services





Let’s learn more about DNA Tests

Is DNA testing worth the hype?

DNA molecule contains all the information about our bodies. It influences our health, genealogy, traits, and wellness. The DNA reports from the DNA test companies like those above can give the full understanding of the health state, both, past and present one. Additionally, it is possible to see the family tree and get a complete ethnic image.

DNA tests help people live a better life after learning all the information about them. If health care and respect to the past worth the hype, then DNA tests worth too.

What types of DNA testing exist?

Companies provide tests that reveal genealogy and tests on health state. The accuracy and depth of analysis and reports depend on the DNA testing services. They have different databases and professionalism of the laboratory workers varies. More on this you can find on wiki page.

What can a DNA test tell about ancestry?





You can get a comprehensive report with the data of your ethnic group or groups and their moving all around the world. Additionally, you can use the DNA testing services’ databases to help to build your family tree. Such databases include millions of people, so their profiles may complement your genealogy. To see your family tree is possible if a DNA test company has an opened database with profiles. The registered users create and fill in the profiles allow the other people to see their DNA test results at will.

What can a DNA test tell about health?

The scientists divided the health DNA tests into two groups. The first group tells about the present health state and give some recommendations on lifestyle. The second one reveal the inherited diseases. A child of a disease carrier can inherit that disease too. That is why it is vital to take DNA tests to make the correct decisions and plan the future, taking into account the results of the test.

What DNA types are used in researches?

Autosomal DNA. This test touches only the non-sex chromosomes (1–22) that comprise the major genome information. Autosomal DNA helps revealing the recent and Neanderthal ancestry.





X chromosome and Y chromosome. Women inherit X chromosomes from their parents, that is why their DNA is XX. Men inherit X from mother and Y from father – their DNA is XY. This is the reason, why women cannot trace their paternal lines, as distinct from men. But, this is still possible, if the father of a woman provides his genetic material (usually it is saliva).

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). It allows tracing matrilineal ancestors. Both men and women have this DNA type.

What is the at-home DNA test kit?

This is a box that the DNA testing companies send to you. In our DNA test reviews, we have considered the services that use saliva – no blood or pain during collecting the genetic material. The boxes of those companies contain a tube for saliva and a detailed instruction to guide you through the collecting process. You should send this at-home DNA kit back to the lab of the company you ordered a kit from.

How much does a DNA test cost?

The cost is different depending on the kits you order or the company you deal with. The average price is near $80-100 for a kit telling everything either about your health or historical relatives. The kits that contain both spheres’ data is more expensive – from $80 to $200.

How long does it take to test DNA?

You can get the results of your DNA test within 4-10 weeks. This depends on the kit that you order and the company that you have chosen to trust your genetic material analysis. Some companies provide the customers with the diet and exercise recommendations. Health analysis may take more time than analyzing DNA only for a genealogy.

How the DNA testing companies protect personal information?



First of all, a special encryption protects the websites and databases from hacks and stealing personal information. Yet, even if the encryption does not stand the hacker attacks, there is also second protection. Your registration information will be kept separately from your genetic material. A randomly generated ID will connect your data and genetic material. Thus, even the laboratory workers will know nothing about the owner of the material they work with.

How to choose the perfect DNA test service?

You should determine what type of DNA analysis you need – health, heritage or both of them. If you have chosen a company, look through such criteria:

  • The scientific background of the company. The scientific base immediately gives the image of the service quality.
  • The number of registered profiles, if any. Some companies provide customers with the possibility to get a family tree. To see the family tree, you should fill in your profile and the names of your relatives and may get your genealogy back to the 7th generation.
  • Database. The bigger the database, the more detailed your DNA report will be.
  • Prices. They should not be too high or too low – this may signify about the scam or just unreasonable margin. Save the money and nerves.

If you still struggle to find the perfect service, the best DNA service reviews may help you to make a choice, giving the information about the services in a concise format.

Is it possible to get different results from different companies?

It is a confusing thing, but it is possible. Yet, there is no need for blaming the companies. Some services have huge databases that they use to provide you with the detailed reports; some of them don’t have such data. You may do some personal research in archives to prove the given information and put together your great genetic puzzle.

And finally – what you should remember before taking a DNA test

The Privacy Policy of any DNA testing company protects your data if you don’t let its sharing. Yet, if your relatives take a DNA test and allow sharing their data, they can give access to your DNA data too, as your data will be in your relative’s report. You may discuss it either with the company or with your relative, but remember about this, as it can turn to be unsettling.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to be ready for the results of paternity, heritage or ethnicity tests. There are a lot of issues with the people, who got unexpected results. Unnecessary anxiety or panics may result in conflicts with your family. Thus, if you feel that you are not ready for any consequences, do not take a DNA test or wait a bit to calm down.


Additionally, remember, please, that a person, who was mentioned in your DNA report, may have no desire to be found. Think twice before contacting this person for not to get an unsatisfied reaction. Your results do not mean that you should disturb anyone against his/her wish.


Note: This site serves as an affiliate partner with select companies. I may receive compensation for some products purchased through my links, at no cost to you.